P-Loop 2.0 Portable loop system

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Portable loop system should be of equal listening quality as a fixed installed loop system. The performance of the Univox P-Loop 2.0 matches that of any professional Univox loop amplifier in terms of field strength and sound quality. No matter if you use a portable or a fixed loop system, the expectations of its performance should be the same. It’s as simple as that.

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General Description

The Univox P-Loop 2.0 is a portable induction loop system integrated into a durable flight case that is simple to setup, operate and maintain. The system comprises of a compact built-in loop amplifier, 35 metres of loop cable on an integrated dispenser, a 15 metre extension cable and a Univox loop listener.

This compact system is ideal for application such as conference centres, hotels, exhibition halls, schools, temporary event venues, lectures and presentations, and any other meetings where hearing support is required.

The robust system case has a retractable handle with robust wheels for portability. The internal compartments can be used for storing and transporting additional equipment and accessories.


Complete system
Simple and quick setup
Aluminium wheeled flight case for durability and portability
AGC ‘Always on’ technology for high quality sound
Three inputs for flexibility
Loop listener to test/demonstrate system
Line output

Delivery Includes

1 Univox P-Loop 2.0 Portable loop system case
1 Univox loop listener