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  • 2 X V-Lock Battery Kit

    The DUO-150 is aimed at the Digital Cinematography market where high current loads of 10A/120W are required with a need to drive peripheral equipment via in-built D-Tap connectors and a dedicated USB power out connector. The DUO-150’s high capacity of 146Wh gives extended running times whilst being under the 160Wh IATA limit for carry-on aircraft baggage.

     £25.00 /Per Day
  • C Stand (With Arm) 40″

    The industry standard, robust and reiable.

     £10.00 /Per Day
  • Dedo DLED 4.0 Bi-Colour 3-Way Kit

    Dedo have used the world-renowned lighting expertise to create a dimmable, bi-colour LED spot head.

    The DLED 4.0 is great for balancing existing light as you have the option of dialling in 32k, 56k or colour temperatures anywhere in between. Couple this with one of the cleanest beams both wide and tight focused, and you have a perfect portable lighting kit for almost any situation.

     £80.00 /Per Day
  • Dedolight DP1.1 – Imager Projection Attachment

    Dedolight DP1.1 – Imager Projection Attachment with 85mm lens for DLH4 and DLED4 Heads (DP-1.1)

     £20.00 /Per Day
  • Gekko GCR-12 Reflector Kit

    Gekko 5 in 1 Circular Reflector Kit – 42-inch / 107cm (GCR-12)

     £10.00 /Per Day
  • K4000S SE Bi-color 3 Light Kit

    The SE fixtures raise the color reproduction to new heights, representing colors truthfully, neutral and vibrant

     £75.00 /Per Day